Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer Slider Series Competition #1 Follow Up

Hey Everyone!!! Spring is definitely here and the weather and water temps are FINALLY here to proove it as well!! Last weekend's competition was a BLAST and we are super excited about all the other stops coming up!! The storms definitely put a damper on the original event plans but we appreciate everyone being so patient and understanding with us post-poning the event to the following Day! NC ended up exeriencing one of the biggest breakouts of tornados in a long time and they tore throught several regions of our State. Thanks so much for coming out and showing support!! Huge thanks to Monster Energy, Canvassed Apparel, VODA tramp boards, Shred Ready Helmets, and Dbot 5.
WakeSkate Division:
Matt Deal
Beginner Division:
1st place: Cole Woolard
2nd place: Mary Sheltra
3rd place: Matt Shrier
Intermediate Division:
1st place: Wayne Woolard
2nd place: Daniel Pate
3rd Place: Tyler Blackman
Advanced Division:
1st place: Stephen Pierce
2nd place: Fields Johnson
3rd place: Benj Trogdon
Professional Division:
1st place: Marc Rossiter $1000.00
2nd place: Nate Perry $500.00
3rd place: Brian Reeder $300.00
4th Place: Trevor Bashir $200.00

The 2nd competition of the Summer Slider Series is scheduled for May 7th and will be held at the same place and time! We look forward to the 2 stop and can't wait to see what CRAZY riding goes down and who comes out on top!! For those who may not be aware, the overall 1st Place winners of EACH division win a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the East Coast Wake Park allowing them FREE riding and access during our normal business hours for the entire 2012 season.

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