Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is around the corner.......

Hey Gals and Guys... Hope everyone had a great weekend, and for those of you who live west of here, I hope yall survived the winter storms. I sure wish we coulda been lucky enough to see some snow...Unfortunately, all we got Friday and Saturday was some very COLD rain. My fingers are crossed for the next one!

Luckily, today was chilly but absolutely beautiful and Greenville had their annual Christmas Parade. Myself and Cam Shumay got a chance to pull this beautiful Mastercrft X-9 full of Kids throwing candy and discount coupons for Overtons Watersports. We had a great time and were stoked to get a chance to spread ECWP and some christmas cheer throughout the streets of Greenville. Its crazy how kids FLOCK to falling candy!!

We have a few guys scheduled to come ride this Tuesday, so it makes me feel good Im not the only one willing to suffer the cold to ride!! Im pretty stoked to ride myself and definitely ready to see some pretty rail dancing....Stay tuned for what happens...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome aboard Liquid Force

Hey Everyone,

Sorry we have been absent for awhile, a few of us have been doing some traveling and been busy with Holiday stuff! We also have been working on a few new things out in the Winch park but they are a secret for the time being... We will be revealing some pictures soon so definitely stay tuned!!

We would also like to inform you that if anyone is interested in trying out any Liquid Force products, you can ride/check them out here at ECWP. Liquid Force is the Official Equipment Sponsor of ECWP for the upcoming season, and will be stocking us FULL of Demo gear for you guys to come and ride! They have made several changes to a few of their Pro Models including a whole new line of Hybrid Flex Boards so everyone should come and try them out. Until then, be sure to check out all their new stuff at!!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2010 LF Henshaw Flx Board

Hey everyone, I had a special treat waiting for me on the porch the other day. Opened it up and WaaaaLaaaa!! Holy Cow the sickest board in the world!!!! I got a chance to ride it around the park today and it was incredible!! It FLEXES good and has more pop than any board Ive ever ridden. The grind base is intense and seems to be holding up better than any board Ive ever slid hardly making any marks on the bottom. It is soo fast and so smooth on any rail whether its trex or HDPE, wet or dry doesn't matter!!  I would literally excellerate once the board hit the rail material. Hands down the sickest rail/cable board ever!!! I would HIGHLY suggest going out and ordering yourself one!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome aboard East Carolina Powersports

Hey... I just wanted to let everyone know we picked up a huge sponsor for the upcoming 2010 season. East Carolina Powersports, in Greenville, NC is one of two showrooms here in NC and now the official powersports sponsor of ECWP.  They carry every "power-toy" you would need to have fun on and off the water, and have a showroom packed full of Sea Doo, Yamaha, Can-Am, and Polaris products.  Curtis and their crew have already been so awesome and have even thrown in $100 prize for our Big Air/Kicker contest we are having at Tricks for Treats. They will be doing big things with us next summer in our Summer Slider Series and are looking for new ways to expand the sport!! Again, thanks so much, and welcome aboard.

Photo by Scott Hutson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

ECWP Welcomes Adam Fields

Adam Fields dropped by yesterday to session the rails behind the seadoo.  Here's a small peak of what went down.  

Video Shoot with Telepromted Anthems

Hey everyone, the guys Teleprompted Anthems and the Wilmington crew rolled through this past weekend to get some rail footage for their upcoming video that's going to be released. They have been working hard and counting down the days until the big premier.  It is scheduled to premier at Riverfest in Wilmington the first weekend in October.  You can see the video teasers and everything the guys at Teleprompted Anthems are up to at the following link:
  Above are a few shots from the few days they spent here filming shot by Scott Hudson, from Wake Riders Connection Magazine.  He also supplied the Genie Boom Lift to raise the camera men in the air and got some sweet shots!  The video is going to be SICK and I highly suggest checking it out! Thanks to everyone involved in making this past weekend such a success. We will be seeing much more from these guys so stay tuned for what they will come up with next.

New Rails at ECWP

Hey Everyone.  Sorry for the delay in updates, things have been busy and we have been slammed here at ECWP. We have a new rail built in the Sea Doo lake and have also gotten a few things up and running in the winch park.  So far, there are 6 rails in the Sea Doo park, and 2 rails and a start rail located in the separate Winch Park. Here are a few pics of the new rails constructed within the past week. Enjoy and see you soon...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The New Addition..

Hey guys, we finally finished another rail at the ECWP.  It's a 60 foot A-Frame with a 24 foot Flat Bar attached to one end making it a total of 84 ft, with the top of the A-Frame sitting 5 1/2 feet above the water.  

Monday, August 17, 2009

A rail a day keeps the boredom away

Hey everyone...  Things are quickly coming along here at ECWP and new rails are being built almost daily.  As you now know, we are currently working on a new rail that should be finished by Wednesday, and then we can start working on the wall ride.  In addition to the rail currently under construction, here is what's currently shredable at ECWP: 
24ft incline
54ft Flat Bar
48ft Roof Top
30ft Box

Started a new rail yesterday.  When its finished, it will be like the Relentless Rail LF had in their team video several years ago. Should be done and sessioned by Wednesday.