Friday, February 26, 2010

Henshaw's Signature Rail Revealing at The East Coast Wake Park

Henshaw has designed a super creative rail that he, I and a few others will be secretly building a few days before the event. The NEW RAIL will be covered and hidden until the HUGE revealing on Saturday March 13th at 10am. After the secret rail is uncovered, the shredding will begin.

ECWP has the new 2010 Hybrid Watson, Henshaw FLX and several other 2010 Grind Based boards as well as 2010 Bindings so here's your chance to try them out!!!

We are looking forward to having everyone out to The East Coast Wake Park and kicking off the start of the season with us, Henny, and Liquid Force!! We will have food and drinks on site, so don't worry about having to leave the action to grab lunch. Be sure to mark March 13th on your calendars and don't forget to bring your wetsuit...