Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Rail Arrangement

Hey Everyone. Hope school is going well for those attending and that everyone's still getting a chance to get out and ride in the afternoons/evenings after classes/work and definitely over the weekends when not in work or school. Its been super rainy around here the past week but that hasn't stopped us from getting out to ride the rails!

Anyways, as most may know, the next contest is scheduled for October 29th and will be our annual Tricks for Treats Halloween competition. Last week, we moved all the rails around and switched things up for the contest coming up in a few weeks. We wanted to give everyone plenty of time to come out and get things dialed in for the Halloween Event. We will be working on a possible new addition before the contest so be sure to come and check things out. In the meantime, here is a picture or the setup after we moved everything around! See everyone Wednesday!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gear for Sell

Hey Everyone.. We are finally getting rid of all our Demo Gear to get ready for the new 2012 stuff to come in. Pictured is most of what we have, but I have a few other items down at the bottom that I will take pics of and post ASAP! If interested in anything below give me a call, or swing by the Park and check it all out.
Fly High 400 lb Fat Sac (Brand New in Wrapper)

2011 Liquid Force Domains Size 12-15 (Brand New in Box)

2009 Company Bindings Size 10 (Brand New Condition)

2009 Company Bindings Size 8 (Brand New in Box)

2009 Company Bindings Size 12 (Brand New in Box)

2011 Ronix Phoenix Project 142 (Brand New in Wrapper)

2011 Liquid Force Harley 139 (Brand New Condition)

2010 Liquid Force Melissa 130 (Brand New Condition)

2011 Liquid Force Melissa Hybrid 134 (Brand New in Wrapper)

2009 Company Severace 134 (Brand New in Wrapper)

2010 Company Recruit 135 (Brand New in Wrapper)

2011 Watson 139 (Brand New Condition)

Also For Sale But not Pictured at the Moment:

2011 Liquid Force FLX 138 with Grind Base (Great Condition) $150.00

2011 Liquid Force PS3 Grind 133 (Great Condition) $150.00

2011 Liquid Force PS3 Grind (Great Condition) $150.00

2010 Company Recruit 135 (Great Condition) $200.00

2011 RONIX One Bindings Size 10 (Good Condition) $150.00

2011 RONIX Relik Bindings Size 10 (Brand New Condition) $250.00

2011 Liquid Force Domain Bindings Size 5-8 (Brand New Condition) $125.00

2011 Liquid Force Domain Bindings Size 8-12 (Brand New Condition) $125.00

2011 Liquid Force Vantage CT Bindings Size 10-11 (Brand New Condition) $200.00


Next Contest is Scheduled for October 29th.

Tricks for Treats Rail Jam is Scheduled for October 29th!! This is our annual Halloween contest, but this year will be held underneath the System 2 Cable. Start thinking of your costumes because along with "Treats" for Tricks, we will also be giving out "Treats" to the best costume and ANYONE can win that!! More details and the format will be posted in the next day! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Hours!!!

Friday: OPEN 11am-Dark
Saturday: OPEN 10am-dark
Sunday: OPEN 11am-dark
Monday: CLOSED

Hope everyone has an excellent Labor Day Weekend!! We know its most people's "last blast" for the year at the lake, river, beach, etc and we hope everyone gets a chance to get out on the water with some friends and/or family!! Please everyone remember to please be safe and have FUN!!