Thursday, September 10, 2009

ECWP Welcomes Adam Fields

Adam Fields dropped by yesterday to session the rails behind the seadoo.  Here's a small peak of what went down.  

Video Shoot with Telepromted Anthems

Hey everyone, the guys Teleprompted Anthems and the Wilmington crew rolled through this past weekend to get some rail footage for their upcoming video that's going to be released. They have been working hard and counting down the days until the big premier.  It is scheduled to premier at Riverfest in Wilmington the first weekend in October.  You can see the video teasers and everything the guys at Teleprompted Anthems are up to at the following link:
  Above are a few shots from the few days they spent here filming shot by Scott Hudson, from Wake Riders Connection Magazine.  He also supplied the Genie Boom Lift to raise the camera men in the air and got some sweet shots!  The video is going to be SICK and I highly suggest checking it out! Thanks to everyone involved in making this past weekend such a success. We will be seeing much more from these guys so stay tuned for what they will come up with next.

New Rails at ECWP

Hey Everyone.  Sorry for the delay in updates, things have been busy and we have been slammed here at ECWP. We have a new rail built in the Sea Doo lake and have also gotten a few things up and running in the winch park.  So far, there are 6 rails in the Sea Doo park, and 2 rails and a start rail located in the separate Winch Park. Here are a few pics of the new rails constructed within the past week. Enjoy and see you soon...