Saturday, October 24, 2009

2010 LF Henshaw Flx Board

Hey everyone, I had a special treat waiting for me on the porch the other day. Opened it up and WaaaaLaaaa!! Holy Cow the sickest board in the world!!!! I got a chance to ride it around the park today and it was incredible!! It FLEXES good and has more pop than any board Ive ever ridden. The grind base is intense and seems to be holding up better than any board Ive ever slid hardly making any marks on the bottom. It is soo fast and so smooth on any rail whether its trex or HDPE, wet or dry doesn't matter!!  I would literally excellerate once the board hit the rail material. Hands down the sickest rail/cable board ever!!! I would HIGHLY suggest going out and ordering yourself one!!!

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