Monday, December 6, 2010

Congrats Nate Perry and ShredReady

Nate Perry is a NC local from the Lake Norman area but has been living down in Florida and working at The Projects for quite some time now. He's a great guy and a pleasure to shred with and be around.. Between his presses and stylish rail riding, and his awesome ideas for new rails and unique winch spots.. he's definitely a major player in the progression of our sport and will quickly become a vital member of the team and the ShredReady family! I look forward to whats to come for Nate and ShredReady and ECWP!

If anyone is interested in picking a ShredReady helmet, come see us and well get you hooked up. ECWP will be carrying ShredReady helmets this season and we will have a large selection of all models and sizes. They will be ECWP's helmet sponsor and will also be supplying the park with all our rental helmets. 2011 is going to be such a great season and I personally can't wait until Spring!

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