Thursday, October 28, 2010

Safety First!!!

Hey Everyone...

Sorry the delay in responses but we have been super busy! As you know, we were invited last weekend to attend a little wakeboarding demo during the Fall Finale at the US National White Water Center. We had a sweet rooftop rail to session as well as some class 4 RAGIN Rapids to winch up and down. We ended up building a neat little incline off a rock ledge in which we were all really stoked to hit and shred! The crowd was huge and everyone was so pumped on what was going down! Between the riding, the oysters, the bands, etc.. it was a really fun time! ShredReady did an awesome job coordinating everything, as well as Distortion Winches who were there with the best winches to yank us across anything we wanted to hit. Thanks so much to the riders who came out and everyone who was involved to make it happen... and thanks USNWC for allowing us to come out!!

Here's the Event Follow-up from ShredReady

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